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bitsensing is an imaging radar technology company committed to building safer smart cities and elevating connected living. By designing cutting-edge sensor fusions and AI solutions, we are bringing an unprecedented level of intelligence to smart living.

Founded in 2018 by seasoned automotive experts, bitsensing is one of the only startups delivering optimal technologies that meets and exceeds the high level of safety and convenience that the industry demands with automotive grade radar technology.

bitsensing is transforming possibilities to bring democratization of smart life in mobility, smart home and building, robotics, security, wellness, and beyond.

Smart City

Our groundbreaking innovations fuel the smart city of the future. Areas of expertise include:

Connected Living

Connected living offers a safer, smarter, and more convenient lifestyle. We are enriching all facets of our daily lives through the following areas:


We offer complete end-to-end services, creating highly customizable radar at an affordable cost that exceed industry standards in convenience and security. Products include:


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