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Design Future Safety

Radar technology for safer and more convenient life
bringing smart cities and enhanced life closer


Radar technology for
safer roads
smart cities closer


Radar technology for
safer and
convenient life

Future Mobility

High resolution automotive radar for reliable detection -
robust under all
weather and light condition making the
road safe, smart while effectively
lowering cost to make
safety and smart cities available for everyone.

  • Traffic Radar

    Intelligent traffic management for ITS and real-time data for smart cities

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  • In-Cabin

    Smart passenger detection and real-time monitor systems to ensure passenger safety and meeting EURO NCAP requirement

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  • ADAS On-demand

    Custom design and development of automotive radar for passenger and industrial vehicles

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  • Augmented Imaging Radar

    High resolution point cloud with longer range detection, greater accuracy and more reliable object classifications for real world autonomous driving

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Smart Life

High resolution compact, contactless radar that reliably
detects and
reads vital signs while maintaining privacy for
smarter, safer and more
convenient everyday life.

  • Surveillance

    Outdoor perimeter protection solution with near zero false alarm in all weather for enhanced safety.

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  • Healthcare

    Efficient monitor and accident prevention while maintaining the privacy.

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  • Rescue Support

    Reliable presence and vital sign detection that penetrates any kinds of barriers that require no complicated wearables or camera.

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  • Smart building

    Accurate detection and monitor for smart and safe building automation and management.

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