Smart Traffic Infrastructure

Smart Traffic Infrastructure

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Smart Traffic Infrastructure.

The complete smart traffic infrastructure solution has arrived.
We are reshaping and redefining the new industry standard for smart city traffic infrastructure.

Smart and Efficient
Traffic Management

The cost associated with traffic congestion is tens of billions of dollars worldwide each year. To address growing concerns about pollution combined with strains from the growing population, bitsensing has created a solution to create a safer, more coordinated, and smarter use of transportation networks to optimize traffic control, reduce pollution, and enhance road safety.

Collection of
Real-Time Traffic Information

The backbone of any smart city is a smart traffic infrastructure. Our patented real-time traffic information collection technology integrates data and specific algorithms to improve traffic flows and enhance safety on the road.
Radar designed and built by bitsensing can now enforce speed limits of an area when integrated into intersections, highways, and side streets, completely replacing intrusive loops that only detect certain point. Real-time traffic data and statistics can be seamlessly collected for policy makers and researchers to use in determining infrastructural needs and policy making.
It is also now possible to receive real-time updates for travel times and congestion for improved traffic flow and a superior driving experience.

Interested in the solution that powers smart city infrastructure?

Visit the product page for the 24GHz AIR Traffic solution here.