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Our Roadmap to Fully Autonomous Driving

How bitsensing is Leading the Way



Here at bitsensing, we are determined to usher in the era of level 5 autonomous driving by developing state-of-the-art radar technology for smart cities and autonomous vehicles. We are advancing technologies like augmented imaging radar and AIR 4D, as well as AIR Traffic to innovate infrastructure and an in-cabin monitoring radar to improve safety. But it doesn’t stop there, as we are expanding our business model to healthcare with our non-contact monitoring sensing technology.


Revolutionizing Mature Technology


We envision a world where an individual can feel safe inside an autonomous vehicle, no matter the environment outside. This can be accomplished with technologies like AIR 4D, which use high-performing 4D imaging radar sensors and multi-chip cascading technology to operate in any given weather conditions. We do this while making the radar price more competitive with existing sensors on the market.


Existing automotive sensors are limited by only having a horizontal resolution, but bitsensing’s radar has horizontal and vertical, enabling 4D Imaging. By utilizing camera fusion technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, we improve vehicles’ ability to map out environments.


Radar detection and ranging are especially crucial in the industry, given the fact that around 95% of all serious car accidents are caused by human error. Individuals can be incredibly unreliable on the road, which is why advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs) help dramatically reduce harm through safety assistance and driving automation. ADASs fuse sensors like cameras, radars, and LIDARs in the autonomous vehicle.


One of our primary goals is to develop a high-performance 4D imaging radar with horizontal/vertical 1°/2° resolution. Through this 4D Imaging radar, radar + camera sensor fusion, and AI machine learning technology, we can provide point cloud data.


We are getting ahead of the curve with radar technology, acting as a leader in a quickly evolving automotive sensor market. Our company is also playing a key role in democratizing the autonomous driving arena and developing smart cities to be even faster and smarter through our technology.



bitsensing’s Technologies


There is still a significant amount of planning and investment required for road structure, law enforcement, and developing consumers’ awareness of the technology for level 5 autonomous driving and ultimate smart cities. Companies like bitsensing are crucial in this regard, as we work on those pre-requirements and advance radar technology to create a safer environment


Using AIR Traffic Radar to Innovate Infrastructure


Smart cities use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to solve inefficiencies, making the city more comfortable for citizens. Here at bitsensing, we see smart cities as a foundational component to level 5 autonomous vehicles, so both vehicle and road infrastructure will need to advance for smart traffic.


Our AIR (Augmented Imaging Radar) Traffic will innovate the traffic infrastructure and utilize real-time traffic data collection and data processing technology. This data can then be used to reduce traffic congestion and improve GPS function in terms of ETA and safety. By having better enforcement when it comes to detecting wrong-ways, malfunctioning cars inside tunnels, and other issues, AIR Traffic will contribute to a safer driving environment. Besides other vehicles, the radar can also detect pedestrians.


The AIR Traffic can construct an HD-3D map containing important information like road conditions and elevation. This map, which will be ten times more accurate than traditional 2D maps, can be used to monitor lane by lane traffic and act as a “real-time dynamic map,” quickening a driver’s route and improving safety


Mini-V – the In-Cabin Monitoring System



All autonomous driving companies, including bitsensing, focus on the outside environment surrounding a vehicle. But we recognize how important it is to monitor the inside cabin, including the driver and passengers, to increase everyone’s safety in the vehicle.


Mini-V is a small smart sensor that can safely monitor passengers within a vehicle, even when they are not moving. Without the need of a wearable and while still respecting privacy, the technology can detect a person’s movement, vital signs, and abnormal behaviors like apnea.


We know how important a child’s safety is for a parent, especially inside an autonomous vehicle. That is why we developed our Mini-V to detect vital signs beyond cloth or material and differentiate between humans and lifeless forms like bags. All of this means a parent can feel confident knowing our technology can still detect a sleeping child underneath a blanket in real-time



As a Smart Healthcare Monitoring System


Our technology doesn’t stop at the world of automobiles, but it can also enhance everyday life and help solve various social and safety problems in the digital healthcare industry. With such applications as a smart healthcare monitoring system, a user’s behavior can be remotely monitored without compromising privacy. Mini-V can make an impact anywhere from smart healthcare to smart homes.


One specific example would be to detect health problems and prevent accidents prevalent among senior citizens living alone. While keeping costs much lower than existing healthcare, it can also collect big data such as sleep and walking patterns or other individual health indexes. This data could then be used with third-party products like AI speakers and smart home platforms, which can effectively monitor a user’s health status and request help if abnormal behaviors are detected.


At bitsensing, we are determined to revolutionize the industry by bringing all of this technology to the market. By leading in this area, we will help usher in the era of level 5 autonomous driving. At the same time, our technology provides an excellent opportunity to develop smart cities and infrastructure further while also improving the healthcare industry.


If you are interested in our technology and would like to know more, please contact us here.


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