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Join #teambitsensing


Join #teambitsensing.

bitsensing is delivering groundbreaking imaging radar solutions for smart cities and a smart life. Want to join us in our mission?

bitsensing HQ

bitsensing R&D Center

Working at bitsensing means you are a part of the most elite and dedicated imaging radar technology team in the world. We believe that our industry leading expertise in designing and building cutting-edge radar technology will transform mobility, smart home and building, robotics, security, wellness, and beyond.

As an award-winning startup with award-winning employees, we pride ourselves on attracting the top talent in the industry who want to be a part of something big.

We are expanding the horizons of what is possible with radar technology. We deliver powerful products quickly. We work directly with customers in a large range of industries. We are driven, we are innovative, we are determined, and we believe that the future of smart living and smart cities is here, at bitsensing.

If you are ready to make differences, have a passion for building smart life for everyone, we want to hear from you.

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