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Introducing our world’s first linear microwave virtual fence

There are various sensors used for perimeter surveillance such as Camera, Thermal Camera, or Infrared rays. Camera sensors is widely used as it can detect long range with good resolution. However, their performance can be compromised in dark or harsh weather like thick fog or heavy rain or snow. Thermal sensors work well in the dark as it can detect their living object’s thermal radiation. However, they are affected by weather and temperature.


Radar technology has been widely used in perimeter security due to its long-range detection capabilities and ability to work in bad weather and environment such as heavy rain, thick fog, or dust. Traditionally mmWave barrier systems provide volumetric detection meaning they detect any presence or movements within a certain area. However, because they are volumetric, there are a lot of false alarms. Also, as the detection range gets longer, area volume detected gets larger for more false alarms.



Our linear microwave virtual fence


Our US Patented linear microwave barrier using radar and reflector can detects the actual interruption within the linear detection range rather than through the analysis of the disturbance detected within the volume like the Infrared ray barriers but without their limitations. The virtual fence system will detect living objects around our detection zone for such as loitering, but the alarm only occurs when the actual intrusion has been made.


The virtual radar system can cover narrow corridors, reliably under all weather or light without creating issues like high energy consumption and difficult maintenance – such as regular cleaning for dust removal – effectively replacing the infrared rays. Through implementation of radar algorithms and Intelligent signal processing for object data such as size, range and direction we provide high level of security under any weather, like thick fog, heavy rain or snow that tends to trigger false alarms or compromises the performance. Also, because radar can detect speed and direction, it can provide more accurate and reliable perimeter protection solution.


It is also free from issues like high energy consumption, high maintenance requirement, disqualification rate from harsh weather or false alarms from small animals, leaves or even solar glares and fluorescent lights.



Other application


Reliable Pedestrian Detection for Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk 


The linear detection capabilities can be applied in various industry settings. Accidents in pedestrian crossing are very fatal and most pedestrian collisions occur when pedestrians are crossing the road.


There is a trend globally to reduce road accident related death to zero level. Pedestrians constitute 22% of all road deaths, and in some countries this proportion is as high as two thirds. Therefore, there is a need to prevent red-light crossing by effectively sending warning sound/signs or minimizing unnecessary waits.


Therefore, virtual radar can be used to enhance security in road crossing – by effectively detecting people near the cross-walk and people trying to cross on the red light.


Sensor for Safety Automation 


With growth of robotics and logistics automation there is a need for a reliable sensor that can help enhance safety by automatically actuating safety system by reliably detecting living object – even when they are not moving – to automatically stop or activate security system of a machine or factory facilities. They can also be used in train or subway station.


About us


Bitsensing is developing radar technology for autonomous vehicles and smart cities that is reliable and affordable to make safer everyday life available for everyone. We provide A-Z process of radar development service from signal processing to RF circuit and antenna design, highly flexible to meet customer’s specific needs. For technical specification information please visit our website.


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