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In-Cabin Sensing Solution

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In-Cabin Sensing Solution

Safety is our priority – that is why we built the ultimate tool for in-car safety.

In-Car Passenger
Presence Detection

According to the Heatstroke Deaths of Children in Vehicles, Jan Null, San Jose State University, 54% of children dying in hot cars since the 1990s was because they were forgotten by their caregiver. There is a growing need for a technology that can prevent these deaths by efficiently detecting the presence of occupants and sending the driver alerts if a child is left unattended inside a car.

The child presence detection system also known as Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) reduces the risk of death for unattended children in overheated cars. According to EURO NCAP roadmap, manufacturers will be required to offer this feature in future cars.

We built in-cabin vehicle sensing radar to reliably detect in-car passenger presence and location using a sophisticated algorithm analysis of movement and breathing.

Real Time Monitoring of Abnormalities

This easy to apply technology is a full monitoring solution without the use of cameras, eliminating privacy concerns. Our solution detects in-car passenger presence and location, vital signs of each passenger, and sends alerts of any abnormalities of individuals in the car, regardless if the car is turned off and locked.

The Driver Monitor System (DMS) radar sensor also recognizes gestures of the driver to detect drowsiness, and can send distraction warnings or offer post-crash monitoring. It can also be used to identify passengers that are left unattended in emergencies such as car crashes.

Interested in bitsensing’s in-cabin detection radar technology?

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