Radar technology for safer roads bringing smart cities closer


Smart Traffic Infrastructure
In-Cabin Sensing Solution
ADAS On-Demand
Autonomous Driving

Traffic Radar

Smart Traffic Infrastructure


In-Cabin Sensing Solution

ADAS On-Demand

ADAS On-Demand

Augmented Imaging Radar

Autonomous Driving

Radar technology for safer and more convenient life



Efficient and sustainable security for smart cities.

Smart Healthcare

Designing a more intelligent and safer monitoring system for telehealth.

Rescue support

Compact and contactless radar technology for efficient rescue support.

Smart Home / Building

Intelligent building management while maintaining privacy.


Cutting-edge sensor
fusions and AI solutions


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    South Korean Startup bitsensing Partners with Infineon Technologies to Introduce Innovative In-Cabin Sensing Solution

    The MOD620 Combines bitsensing’s Groundbreaking Radar Technology with Infineon’s Industry Leading Chipsets   SEOUL, KOREA February 15, 2021 – Today, bitsensing, a South Korean imaging radar technology startup, announces a partnership with world leader in semiconductor [...]

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    MOD620 Infographic

    bitsensing revolutionizes in-cabin experience with the launch of 60GHz MOD620 radar. Designed by bitsensing and enabled by Infineon, MOD620 provides a powerful monitoring solution that can reliably detect presence and vital signs of in-cabin occupants. [...]

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    How Radar Technology is Fueling the Future

      Radar technology is changing what is possible in all facets of our daily lives. From smart cities to connected living, it offers a safer, smarter, and improved lifestyle at an affordable cost that [...]

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    Our Roadmap to Fully Autonomous Driving

    How bitsensing is Leading the Way     Here at bitsensing, we are determined to usher in the era of level 5 autonomous driving by developing state-of-the-art radar technology for smart cities and autonomous [...]

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