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Augmented Imaging Radar for autonomous driving

  • 79GHz AIR 4D
  • 79GHz AIR 4D
  • 79GHz AIR 4D

79GHz AIR 4D

bitsensing’s unique business model allows us to combine the leading existing automotive chipsets with our groundbreaking radar technology to produce the most advanced imaging radar on the market. Our years of dedicated expertise in automotive chipset development positions us to handle the full cycle of radar development in-house, from design to mass production, in a fast-paced nature.

bitsensing offers the ultimate solutions in automotive technology by focusing on detection, perception, and reaching a greater classification level by improving the strength of the radar sensing technology. We are the first-ever Korean start up to combine our cutting-edge design of sensor fusions with AI solutions to usher in the era of level five autonomous driving. State-of-the-art customizable radar to fit the need of any automaker is our specialty.

79 GHz AIR 4D is the only imaging radar featuring Multi-Chip Cascading technology to improve target detection and provide remarkable high-resolution 4D imaging radar. This radar delivers reliable detection beyond 300+ meters and wide Field of View. By tracking objects in azimuth, elevation and velocity, the AIR 4D – radar combined with camera and AI solution – provides high-resolution point clouds, longer detection range, greater accuracy and a more reliable object classification at an automotive grade.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 94% of accidents on U.S. roads occur due to human error. The AIR 4D aids in collision avoidance for autonomous driving by providing effective road planning and real-time driving assistance, creating the potential to drastically reduce the number of crashes and fatalities occurring on the roads today. It also solves complex issues with Euro NCAP cut-in and cut-out as well as provides steering wheel support for a fully automated driving experience.

AIR 4D delivers the ultimate in safety while overcoming the challenges that today’s automotive sensors face – vulnerability under difficult weather conditions such as heavy rain or fog and questionable commercial viability due to high cost. AIR 4D significantly decreases costs by replacing expensive sensors used in the automotive industry while maintaining the high performance required for autonomous driving.

As the world continues to head towards a future of fully autonomous driving, we are conducting relentless testing of our solutions to ensure safety and reliability. We understand and believe in the high standards set by the automotive industry and know what it takes to lead in building the right technology for a safe, full deployment of autonomous driving.

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