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Ensuring passenger safety

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60GHz MOD620

The 60GHz in-cabin vehicle sensing radar MOD620 is the ultimate tool for in-car safety. With the capability to reliably detect in-car passenger presence and location, the MOD620 monitors all passengers’ vital signs including heartbeat and respiration rate offering a new level of confidence in safety for autonomous driving.  The Driver Monitor System (DMS) radar sensor also recognizes gestures of the driver to detect drowsiness and can send distraction warnings or offer post-crash monitoring. The MOD620 can also be used to identify if passengers are left unattended in emergencies such as car crashes.

Protecting Children with Protection Beyond the Rear Occupant Alert

bitsensing’s MOD620 takes Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) a step further by not only detecting and alerting the presence of a child left in a car in real-time, even when the car is shut down and locked, but it can also detect any car occupant’s vital signs and send an alert if the radar detects any abnormalities. Privacy concerns are eliminated with the MOD620 as it does not rely on cameras for presence detection.  All monitoring required for autonomous driving is made possible through our radar.

Our smallest yet advanced compact MOD620 is contactless, easy to install and can be hidden anywhere in the car without damaging vehicle’s interior or exterior. It is a customizable cost-efficient radar that works in high-speed cars, day or night, with no disruption to seatbelts.

Our compact MOD620 radar provides an easy to install full monitoring solution without the use of cameras. The MOD620 detects in-car passenger presence and location, vital signs of each passenger, and sends alerts of any abnormalities of individuals in the car, regardless if the car is turned off and locked.

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