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  • 60GHz mini-H
  • 60GHz mini-H
  • 60GHz mini-H

60GHz mini-H

The 60GHz mini-H is the smallest high-resolution IoT Radar sensor. This advanced sensor attaches to the wall and can detect, in real-time, presence, movement, breathing or lack there-of, falls, and gestures without the use of intrusive cameras or wearables.

Specifically designed for a more intelligent and safer monitoring system for telehealth, this sensor can be used in dark or wet places and works regardless of clothes or blankets. The Bluetooth and WiFi communication module allows for a seamless transfer of data from the mini-H to dashboards or the app for easy tracking.

This fully wireless product makes it quick and easy to implement software advancements, ensuring the product is always up to date. The sleek, compact aesthetic of the product allows for an easy integration while the plug and play style allows for instant monitoring of activities with the option to adjust settings for optimal personalization. This radar mitigates various problems associated with an aging society as well as hospital under-staffing issues and support for chronic diseases. The mini-H secures autonomy while increasing the quality of life for those who need constant monitoring.


Remote detection of patient vital signs & movements for remote diagnosis


Non-contact monitoring for elderly without invading their privacy for a better quality of life, better control of people in need such as dementia


Safe and reliable child monitor detecting presence, movement, position and vital signs at home, at the hospital or inside a car


Sleep stage classification and quality assessment through reliable monitoring

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