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Paving the Way for a Smarter Driving Experience

24GHz AIR Traffic

bitsensing’s 24GHz AIR Traffic solution offers advanced multi-lane detection technology for real-time traffic management. This radar transforms road safety and creates new possibilities for autonomous driving in smart cities. The solution provides real-time updates for travel times and congestion for improved traffic flow and a superior driving experience.

The AIR Traffic solution works in all weather conditions and temperatures, unaffected by dust and lighting. It can enforce speed limits of an area when integrated into intersections, highways, and side streets, completely replacing intrusive loops that only detect certain points. Real-time traffic data and statistics can be seamlessly collected for policy makers and researchers to determine infrastructural needs and policy making.

Our FHD camera accurately detects different types of vehicles in high-resolution for a more accurate detection of the road environment. It can detect up to three to four vehicles simultaneously, spanning across four lanes. This camera is the perfect complement to our ITS certified first-class accuracy radar which covers the 300m range, detecting up to 128 vehicles at a time, to provide the necessary data for tracking.


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