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    bitsensing - bringing autonomous driving closer

    Introduction of how we are trying to bring autonomous driving closer with our radar technology. From high resolution 4D Augmented Imaging Radar - AIR 4D to In-cabin monitoring sensor, find out how we are shaping the future of autonomous driving.
  • Bitsensing joins Plug and Play Silicon Valley Mobility Batch 9 Accelerating Program


    Bitsensing have successfully graduated from Plug and Play Thailand (March) Smart Cities Batch and Japan Mobility Bath (May) earlier this year. We are happy to announce that we have been appointed to participate Plug and Play Silicon Valley Mobility Batch 9 where we expect to grow faster through intensive 12 weeks business development program.

  • Technology & Products

    AIR Traffic - ITS Traffic Radar for Smart Cities and Autonomous Vehicles

    Introducing Camera integrated 24 GHz traffic radar sensor for ITS traffic management. Robust in all weather & light, US Patented Real-time traffic information collection Technology with Self-test and calibration capabilities for Smart Cities and Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Technology & Products

    Radar technology for obstacle detection & avoidance in Robots

    We conducted SLAM Test for stationary and moving object detection to test our radar sensors' capability to be used in robots that need reliable obstacle detection. In our demo video you can see how we are collecting and mapping the data for stationary and moving object recognition.
  • [Journal] Stationary Target Identification in a Traffic Monitoring Radar System


    With rapid advancement of the autonomous driving technology, the importance of building intelligent road infrastructure is ever growing to support and bring Level 4 self-driving closer. This paper suggests how to discriminate stationary targets and moving targets in traffic monitoring radar system and how the to eliminate the stationary targets effectively. Click the arrow to read written by our CEO, Jae-Eun Lee with 4 Co-authors, published in the Special Issue of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Beyond Intelligent Vehicles (23 Aug 2020)

  • Technology & Products

    Introducing our world’s first linear microwave virtual fence

    Introduction to our linear microwave barrier sensor for more reliable perimeter protection system.
  • Technology & Products

    Introducing our In-Car Child Presence Detection Technology

    With 60GHz mmWave radar technology, bitsensing has developed mini ROA, an automotive quality high resolution in-vehicle sensing system that can reliably detect children (and pets) left inside cars for efficient warning system by sophisticated algorithm analysis of movement and breathing. It can reliably detect occupants even when they are sleeping, under blankets or other obstructions.
  • Technology & Products

    Our roadmap

    bitsensing is a radar technology company focusing on bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles to the market, and is currently developing Augmented Imaging Radar, 4D Imaging Radar, and AIR 4D. But lots of things has to change before level 5 autonomous vehicles can be introduced to market. therefore we aim to solve problems before bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles and use the radar technology in general to make the world a safer place.
  • Technology & Products

    Introducing 60GHz mmWave radar sensor for Telehealthcare

    Introducing contact-free, privacy-free, wearable-free mini IoT radar sensor for telehealth solutions to support remote health and social care to secure people’s autonomy and quality of life.
  • Thought Leadership

    Radar technology for safer world

    Jae-eun Lee, our CEO talks about why he believes in radar technology not only for autonomous vehicles but also to enhance quality and safety of people’s everyday life.