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July 30, 2020

Radar Technology Start-up for Autonomous Driving


bitsensing is a radar technology company focusing on bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles to the market, and is currently developing Augmented Imaging Radar, 4D Imaging Radar, and AIR 4D.

AIR 4D can accurately detect objects in any weather conditions with its high-performing 4D imaging radar sensor and Multi-Chip Cascading technology, which will enhance the radar’s resolution and make the radar price competitive with other sensors in the market.

Unlike existing automotive radar sensors that only has a horizontal resolution, bitsensing’s radar has both horizontal and vertical resolutions, which enables 4D imaging (3D spatial information + 1D speed information). bitsensing also uses camera fusion technology and artificial intelligence/machine learning to improve vehicles’ detection of nearby environment or objects and overcome problems with other automotive sensors, advancing the age of the level 5 autonomous vehicle world. 

No One Perfect Sensor for Autonomous Vehicles

The main sensors that are currently used in autonomous vehicles are cameras, Radars, and LiDARs. Cameras are effective in detecting the environment but significantly lacks stability as it is weak in bad weather conditions.

LiDARs can accurately detect the area in 3D which is why many companies are developing LiDAR sensors, but similar to cameras, it is weak in performance during bad weather conditions and the sensors are very expensive, which makes it unlikely that they will be implemented in commercialized vehicles.


For the reasons above, bitsensing develops the Radar since they are price competitive and unaffected by weather conditions, and is working on to improve the accuracy to match that of LiDARs to lead the automotive sensor market in the future.

It is necessary to realize that reifying the level 5 autonomous vehicle era needs much planning and investment. Road infrastructures, law enforcement and the change of awareness by consumers to the autonomous vehicles are only some requirements to bring a fully autonomous vehicle to the market. bitsensing therefore aims to solve problems and target tasks that needs to be resolved before bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles and use the radar technology in general to make the world a safer place.

AIR Traffic Radar - Building Infrastructure for Autonomous Driving

Smart cities utilizes ICT to solve inefficiencies in traffic, environment, and governance problems and makes citizens’ experience in the city more comfortable and pleasant. In the case of smart traffic for a level 5 autonomous vehicle era, both sensors of the vehicle and the road infrastructure needs to become smarter.

bitsensing’s “AIR (Augmented Imaging Radar) Traffic” works efficiently in any weather condition and collects real time data on the road which will be used to reduce traffic congestion and improve the GPS function in terms of ETA and safety. Enforcement will also be improved, with the radar detecting wrong-ways, malfunctioning cars inside tunnels, and more, which will prevent further accidents. The radar will also be able to detect pedestrians jaywalking or pedestrians in general so that vehicles could safely drive.