Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explains the way of treatment of the information which is provided or collected in the websites on which this Policy is posted. Through this Policy, the Company regards personal information of the users as important and inform them of the purpose and method of Company’s using the personal information providedbytheusersandthemeasurestakenbytheCompanyforprotectionofthosepersonal information.

1.Purpose of Collecting Privacy Data

The Company collects the information for the following purpose.
“Identifying process their request and provide additional resources and services”
The Company agrees that it will obtain consent from the users, if the Company desires to use the information other than those expressly stated in this Policy.

2. Storing Privacy Data

The company processes and retains personal information until the request by the user for deletion.
<Storage of data due to related articles> Due to consumer protection under the commercial law, electronic commerce law etc. or the national tax law, the company stores personal data for a certain duration. The duration of storing personal data is as follows.
Storing information related to contracts or withdrawal of subscription: Duration according to consumer protection under related law such as the electronic commerce law: 5 years
Payment or supply of goods related information: Duration according to consumer protection under related law such as the electronic commerce law: 5 years
Information related to accounting and documentary evidence required by the national tax law : Duration required by the basic national tax law or the corporate tax law: 5 years
Information related to consumers’ dissatisfaction or disputes: Duration according to consumer protection under related law such as the electronic commerce law: 3 years
Information related to personal identification: Duration according to related articles in promotion of information, communication network utilization and information protection: 6 months
Information related to signs or advertisements: Duration according to consumer protection under related law such as the electronic commerce law: 6 months
Information related to access history: Duration according to protection of communications secrets act : 3 months

3. Provision of information to third parties

Personal information collected and retained by the company is only processed and used in the boundaries of the 1st article of the private data protection law. No personal information is provided to any third party without the consent of a user except in specific circumstances such as the 17th article of the private data protection law

4. Commission of personal information

The company does not consign personal data to any third party. The company will require the user’s consent if data transfer to any third party becomes necessary.

5. User’s exertion of rights and obligations

Users can exert their rights to personal information to the company upon necessity.

  • 1) Peruse of personal information
  • 2) Modification of errors in personal information
  • 3) Deletion of personal information
  • 4) Process suspension of personal information
    • ① Exertion of rights mentioned in article 1 can be processed through phone, e-mail etc.
    • ② The company does not process personal information that is requested for modification or deletion.
    • ③ Exertion of rights mentioned in article 1 can be processed through legal representatives. In these cases, the user must submit a power of attorney under Article 11 of Personal Information Protection Act.
    • ④ Users must not violate the Personal Information Protection Act and invade the privacy or personal information of his/her or others that is being processed by the company

6. Processed personal information

The company processes the following personal information.

  • 1. Request of information or contact made through the company’s website
    • ① Necessary fields : Name, email address, company name
    • ② Optional fields : Contact number
  • 2. Personal information may automatically be processed and collected during internet service usage.
    • ① IP Address, Cookies, MAC Address, Service Usage History, History, etc.

7. Personal information collection methods’ installation, operation and rejection

To efficiently provide personalized services according to users, the company uses Cookies.
A Cookie is a small piece of text file usually set by the web server, sent from a website and stored in a User’s computer hard disk while the user is browsing that website.

  • A. Purpose of Cookies: Cookies are used to provide personal customized services to the user by retrieving user information such as service or website history, popular searches, security settings etc.
  • B. Rejection of Cookies : Users can reject cookies by selecting “Tool” menu at the top of the browser. > “Internet Options” > “Personal Data” Tab > Settings.

8. Technological/operational measures of personal information

The company complies to the following technological/operational measures to secure user’s personal information against loss, leakage, falsification or destruction.

  • A. Measures against hacks: The company is doing its best to block hackers or viruses that can cause personal information to be leaked or damaged.
  • B. Staff minimization and education: The company minimizes its staff in charge or personal information and renews passwords regularly. The company practices necessary education to personal information managers periodically and emphasizes the compliance of Personal Information Protection Act and GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation).
  • C. Operations of personal information department: The department of personal information management takes caution in operating under the Privacy Policy and works resolve if any problems occur during the process. However, if personal information is infiltrated by the negligence of the user or problems with the user’s internet browser, the company does not take responsibility in any way.

9. Personal Information Operations Manager and Contacts

Users can report any personal information related complaints to the company or manager. The company will answer to these reports in swift and completed fashion.

Personal Information Operations Manager

Name : Joonsoo Ryu
Affiliation/Position : bitsensing Inc. / COO
email address:
Phone number : 070-7114-1010

Personal Information Protections Manager

Name : Yekyung Cho
Affiliation/Position : bitsensing Inc. / Manager
email address:
Phone number : 070-7114-0101

For any other complaints or counsel related to personal information, contact below.

-KISA (118)
-ePrivacy (02-580-0533~4)
-Prosecution Service Criminal Deparment (02-3480-2000)
-National Police Agency Cyber Security Division (02-392-0330)

10. Duty of Notice

For any update, modification and deletion to the Privacy Policy, the company will send notice to the Notice Board at least before 7 days of renewal.
– Last Updated: July, 30, 2020.