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5 of the Coolest Startups We Found at CES This Year (by Entrepreneur)

20-03-13 19:55


Radar technology to prepare for autonomous driving in smart cities



If smart cities are our future, they’ve got to have smart infrastructure, and Bitsensing is one of the companies building that foundation. After a decade of working on vehicle radar tech for a large corporation in South Korea, founder Jae-eun Lee felt its potential road safety implications couldn’t be overlooked. In 2015, he heard an estimate of how many serial car crashes had occurred in South Korea that year, and he thought: If there were radar on the road, that wouldn’t happen. Since the corporation didn’t prioritize the road safety benefits of radar tech, he left to start Bitsensing in 2018. 

The Seoul-based startup specializes in radar technology for vehicles, and one of their primary projects, called AIR traffic, involves augmented image and radar traffic reporting. Lee feels his company is helping to prepare infrastructure for autonomous driving, and in his eyes, the sooner it’s complete, the safer cities will be. The radar tech will ideally detect crashes in real time, alert other autonomous vehicles to avoid those lanes and, in effect, mitigate serial car crashes and pileups. Bitsensing launched its pilot program in two cities in South Korea, and this year, it plans to expand to two or three more cities in the country, as well as three cities in Vietnam. The startup is also in discussion with Saudi Arabia and Canada. 

CEO. Jae-eun Lee
San Jose, USA : 3003 North First St. San Jose, CA 95134
Seoul, Korea : 165, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, 06247, Seoul

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