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Autonomous Driving


Autonomous Driving.

We are ushering in the era of level 5 autonomous driving by developing state-of-the-art radar technology for autonomous vehicles.

Moving Towards

Autonomous Driving

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 94% of accidents on U.S. roads occur due to human error. Moving towards a future of self-driving vehicles could drastically reduce the number of crashes and fatalities occurring on the roads today. Automakers need a cost effective yet innovative radar with high-resolution capabilities, longer range detection with greater angular accuracy, and object classification to meet today’s safety driving regulations. We are advancing technologies by building radar such as the 79GHz AIR 4D and 24GHz AIR Traffic to create the infrastructure needed for the ultimate autonomous driving experience.

Innovative Solutions for
Any Weather Conditions

We envision a world where an individual can feel safe inside an autonomous vehicle, no matter the environment outside. As a result, our radar technology delivers the premiere solutions in safety while overcoming the challenges that today’s automotive sensors face – vulnerability under difficult weather conditions such as heavy rain or fog and questionable commercial viability due to high cost. Our radar aids in collision avoidance for autonomous driving by providing effective road planning and real-time driving assistance. It also solves complex issues with Euro NCAP cut-in and cut-out as well as provide steering wheel support for a fully automated driving experience.

Interested in the radar sensor that significantly decreases costs while maintaining the high performance required for autonomous driving?

Visit the product page for the 79GHz AIR 4D radar solution here.